But what do we wear???

One of the first questions I ALWAYS get right after a client books their family session with me is, "What should we wear for our session?"

GREAT question!

Now, I will never be the photographer that wants you to wear anything in particular. First and foremost, I want my families to be comfortable and to feel like themselves! But, I will give you general guidelines, do's, and don'ts to help you dress your family in the most flattering and photogenic way- in a way that is most comfortable for you!

DO: Plan coordinated outfits-not matching. There is a difference! Look at the first family below. Notice how mom and younger sister's dress color coordinates with bigger sister's dress, and how dad and big brother are in a simple white button up? Their outfits coordinate perfectly, keeping it interesting with some color variation, all while not matching completely. I'm thinking, all white tees and blue jeans. You know what I'm talking about.

DO: Add different textures! Do be afraid to mix in a knitted romper on the baby with mom's jersey knit maxi dress and dads denim. Differing textures make for some delicious visual variety that photograph very well together!

DO: Make sure you dress appropriately for the season, especially when it comes to kiddos. Now this may seem obvious, but I cannot tell you how many times I've encountered a situation where a parent insisted their daughter wear that denim jacket over her dress on a warm day, or that their husband or son remove their hoodie so we can see that nice polo underneath. It never makes for a fun and smooth family session when someone is too hot or too cold, so make sure you plan your outfits accordingly for the season.

DON'T: Match each other perfectly. I already explained this in my first "do," but it can't be said enough. Your images will feel a lot less interesting and flat and also seem a bit outdated if you go the matchy-matchy route.

DON'T: Have very opposed styles. If your going for a dressy causal, everyone goes dressy casual, if your going va-va-voom for your maternity session, make sure everyone else also steps up their A-game in terms of styling. It's best overall to avoid a situation where mom is dressed to the nines and dad is in faded jeans and a ball-cap.

DON'T: Don very bright and vivid neons, graphic tees, drastically opposing patterns, or anything with a logo front and center.

One extra little *tip* I like to give to mom herself: as long as your comfortable, I always recommend a more feminine outfit. Theres just something about throwing on a flowy dress or skirt that makes mom feel beautiful and has her in love with her imagery even more, and dresses and skirts tend to photograph very well. If weather is cooler, I recommend wearing a pair of leggings underneath and pairing your dress with some cute ankle booties and a chunky knitted sweater. But if you feel most comfortable and more like yourself in a pair of jeans and boots, go for it!

I hope this brief list of general styling guidelines helps answer any questions you may having about outfitting your fam for your session! If you've booked with me and would like any specific outfit feedback, just reach out! I'm happy to help!



P.S. I've included a handful of real client photos below to show you how they styled and coordinated outfits for their family sessions <3